Celebrazione della Prima Professione Mysore, 8 dicembre 2019

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Nel gioioso giorno dell'Immacolata Concezione, la Provincia “Sacra Famiglia”, in India, si rallegra e ringrazia Dio per il dono della vita e per il dono delle tre nuove Professe: Balarani, Sheena Revelin e Cicily Prishillya.

Tutta la famiglia Pallottina esulta di gioia per la professione delle tre giovani che hanno pronunciato il loro “sì” e si impegna ad accompagnarle con la preghiera e la benedizione. 


Celebration of the First Profession 8th Dec. 2019

On the joyful day of Immaculate Conception, the Holy Family Province rejoice and thank God for the gift of the life and Vocation of 3 of our second year novices: Balarani, Sheena Revelin, and Cicily Prishillya who took a daring step to consecrate themselves in our congregation, in the service of God and of the Church according to our pallottine Charism and Spirituality.

The community of Mysore joyfully and systematically organized the day to thank and praise God for the gift of their life and vocation in our congregation. The day began with a prayer service, lead by the first year novices. The whole Community along with Sr. Ligi the General Councilor and Sr. Lucy Kattapuram the Provincial elect was present at 6.30 am in the chapel to invoke God’s choicest blessings upon these our little sisters. The group that animated the prayer service was very creative. With their creative animation they made all of us to reflect on our own call and to be grateful to God. We also prayed for Sr. Bhagya Jyothi, who renewed her temporary vows. During the prayer the sisters renewed their vows.

The Holy Eucharistic celebration began at 10.30 from the entrance of the house. Sr. Lucy Thomas read the introduction. After the introduction along with the novices to be professed, their parents, relatives, sisters and priests moved in procession to the chapel. Fr. Joy Palachuvattil SAC, the rector of Prabodhana was the main celebrant. There were 10 other priests who con- celebrated the Holy Mass.

His sermon was vibrant. Sr. Ligi the general councilor received the temporary vows of the newly professed sisters. The angelic singing of our sisters and novices and candidates made the Eucharistic celebration more solemn. After the communion the newly professed sisters expressed their gratitude to the congregation, to their parents and to all the gathering.  After the final blessing all the priests, sisters along with the newly professed sisters took some photographs.

There was a felicitating programme to the newly professed sisters and to their parents at 12.45pm. We also had an opportunity to felicitate Rev. Fr.JoyPalachuvattil SAC the Provincial elect of PrabhuPraash Province, Fr. Antony Dhas the Provincial elect of the newly erected Province of Tamil Nadu. Sr. Ligi the General Councilor, and Sr. Lucy Kattapuram the Provincial elect of our province.  After felicitating everyone Sr. Lincy the superior of the community thanked the gathering once again and concluded the felicitation ceremony.

Then the delicious meal was served at 1.30 pm. The newly professed sisters, their parents and relatives, the invited priests, sisters and candidates from our neighborhood and our sisters, who came from different communities, were all happy and appreciated the community for the hospitality extended to them. After the lunch along with their parents the newly professed sisters left for the Holidays.  

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